itvOS – Video & Streaming Framework/CMS


Whether you are a TV manufacturer, a computer maker or systems developer, our itvOS SDK will work for you.

Want to provide premium TV service? The fastest and most efficient way is to embed iTVmediaPlayer into your own GUI, OS or app — no dealing with TV content providers, content licensing fees, content database management, or billing nightmares.

itvOS is the proprietary, cloud-based, premium TV platform that powers iTVmediaPlayer. It is embeddable in almost any GUI/OS/app environment. Since it is PHP-based, as long as your GUI/OS/app can render web pages properly, itvOS will be functional (a simple GUI will be necessary for most proprietary operating systems).

No content data entry required on your end (itvOS database is cloud-based)
No data entry required (TV channels accumulate through collaboration from all platform end-users)
No customer support required (cloud-based technical support provided to all users)
No local database required (itvOS database is cloud-based; uses “HTTP” protocol)

Download Here! : itvOS


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