Internet Protocol Television – IPTV

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is, instead of the conventional broadcasting, which is delivered through a form of cable, received by the viewer through the same techniques used to deliver information over a computer network including the Internet It is television content that is. Procedure involves transmitting and receiving data via a “packet” of information. This is, IPTV is the same process that is made available to the customer.

IPTV, which uses a method of transporting the same “packet” and the Internet, there is a major difference there. IPTV is independent are independent of the Internet itself, it is delivered via a closed network. Internet TV, when compared to an analog cable or satellite TV, and this has improved speed, quality, and ease of use. Faster, resulting in a more efficient viewing experience – unlike satellite and cable, and only use of IPTV channels that are delivered to your television, and select from the program guide, is an individual channel.

This is, IPTV makes it possible to provide interactive features to its audience, is due to the efficiency improvement. Some of these features, you can include interactive program guide, caller ID on the screen, and a record of the hard drive.

It is cause IPTV, this sound growing in popularity more than ever and video, interactive features, and is higher reliable quality. In fact, all of the United States of television broadcasting, will be exclusively digital by the instruction of the Federal Communications Commission as of February 17, 2009. This is, among the providers continues to advance technology, is to help keep the level of uniformity of the broadcast.

In addition, some of the large-scale telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, by supporting interoperable technical specifications, we want to accelerate the deployment of IPTV services. Programs such as such an open IPTV forum is to create an open standard, we are trying to define the specifications for the deployment.

The purpose of these programs, services for the benefit consumers, providers, in order to ensure full compatibility and interoperability between devices, as well as to improve, develop a usability through the extent to which continuously with standardization There is also to.


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