10 Best HTML5 Video Players

Top 10 of the best sites that offer HTML5 video playback, embedding and/or customizable HTML5 video players.

1. YouTube the most popular go-to for sharing video and was one of the first major supporters to jump onto the HTML5 video bandwagon.

2.Vimeo Vimeo, like YouTube, is a popular site for sharing your videos that implemented HTML5 video playback early this year.

3.Blip.tv Blip.tv started offering HTML5 video playback at the beginning of October this year, although doesn’t yet appear to be offering HTML5 video embedding just yet.

4. Viddler while offering a free version, seems to be focused more towards professional users looking to make money from their videos.

5. VP Factory is an entirely different beast than sites like YouTube or Vimeo. VP Factory is a full on, cloud-based, video management app with highly customizable video player and many more fantastic features.

6. SublimeVideo is arguably one of the sexiest designed HTML5 video players I’ve seen so far, with some really great features.

7. VideoJS like SublimeVideo, only offers the video player (although their partner, zencoder, offers video encoding and hosting) but it’s an absolutely gorgeous and fast player.

8. Kaltura is another standalone HTML5 video player, actually used by Wikipedia and many others

9. JW Player by LongTail Video, is another sexy, skinable open source player with a Pro version as a paid option for a few additional features. AddOns are also available to extend the players functionality.

10. Flickr Although primarily known for its photo storage and sharing capabilities, Flickr also offers video uploading and sharing options.

If you know of a great HTML5 video player,let us know in the comments.


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